“i don’t watch tv” proudly says a person who spend 8 hours a day in the internet

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I’ve edited some portions of RationalWiki pages, hopefully my changes are kept because I think they are quite good.

The pages were: 
Supernatural, Ad Hoc, and Progress.

On those first two topics, I might want to go edit Wikipedia as well, where they are also in need of improvement.

Whew!  My appeal for a student loan succeeded, and I’m approved for funding!  That was fast : )

Just saw a thing about Boba Fett having survived Episode 6 of Star Wars.  Some people are upset and think this is cheap or something…but Star Wars is based on (or influenced by) old style action serials…and so “cheap” tropes like that totally fit.  It’s part of the fun.  It appeared as though they died…but nope!  They come back.

And then someone gets to say “we meet again!” in a dramatic voice…

liberalchristian asked:
I have been polite and courteous to you in my responses on this topic, so I really don't understand why you feel the need to call me irritating or gross for trying to answer a question that I was not obligated to answer. Nor am I aware of whatever past replies I've given you. I don't believe tumblr gives notifications for reblogs.

I’m not really sure I buy the claim that you don’t understand.  But even if you are oblivious, it remains true that talking as though I hadn’t just given something that addresses the exact things you say, or as though I had acted out of a mistaken belief that you had never been aware of any other looks at the subject, along with bringing up irrelevant criticisms of some other atheists, is quite irritating.  That isn’t something you get to dispute, as if you can micro manage how everyone reacts.

Implying that you think that “politely” saying irritating things makes them not irritating is also irritating, and completely misguided.  Passive aggression and baiting can be quite polite and full of plausible deniability.  And you didn’t “try to answer a question” because there was no question.

And of course I know you aren’t obligated to answer (that would have been preferable, actually, given what you did instead) nor obligated to read the book etc etc etc.


thread-of-fire asked:
Since I previously saw you wondering about morality, it turns out there is good philosophical grounding for it (regardless of god belief). It is outlined in Sense and Goodness Without God by Richard Carrier, and he uses the work of other philosophers there too.


I appreciate the book suggestion. My issue with morality without God is not that I’m not aware of the work of any philosophers attempting to resolve the question, but that their answers are unsatisfactory. Moreover, many atheists give the impression(or state outright) that they have never considered the question at all. And just so I’m clear, the argument is not that a single atheist cannot be a good person(of course they can), but whether the concept of “good” even makes sense without an objective, non-human being that defines it. 

There are, however, several religions that provide answers to the moral debate without God(Buddhism would be one), and philosophers since Plato that have attempted to define goodness, with or without deities.

Oddly I didn’t get a notification of response.  Thought I was supposed to get one of those.

But I didn’t miss much, just something irritating, and no point that requires response.  But it’s better than some of the actually gross replies I’ve gotten from you in the past.

Repeating myself is sufficient response:  it’s done, it’s there in that book.


Hot hamburgers in a vending machine! Omg #russia #rules I don’t eat them, but still! 😂

Another food service thing…


Robot restaurant where machines cook and serve food to customers

A restaurant in Kunshan, China, employed a team of 15 androids to cook and deliver food. The cute side of the Robocalypse. 

The restaurant has a total of 15 robots in heights of 1.2 meters. Each robot costs 40,000 yuan (6500 US dollars).

As doormen, cooks and waiters, the robots can work continuously for eleven hours after a night charge, and are able to use 40 basic language expressions, such as welcoming sentences to customers.

Singular instance? Nope. There is another restaurant in Harbin, China with 18 robot workers and a fully automated japanese sushi restaurant.

[read more] [photo credit AFP PHOTO / JOHANNES EISELE]

As someone who works at A&W, this is an idea that I have long hoped would become the norm.  Though of course A&W sorta saved me (and no doubt many others) from an emergency of low cash, but still…a better world is one where we don’t need to do tedious work.

ugh I knew I’d have to appeal for a loan this year.  I’ve used up all the years they allow for a 4 year program, and I need to send some kind of letter to convince them to give me one more.

It’s a very vague wishy-washy task that I don’t know how to do best, but a lot is hanging in the balance and I don’t like it.  And I should have been on top of this a month ago.

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